Good Grief Coffee - Branding and Packaging


The owner of Good Grief Coffee, Jesse, approached me in the fall of 2017 and basically gave me free reign over the branding and packaging of his new coffee roastery based out of Collingwood, Ontario. He wanted to develop a brand that looks different from other coffee roasters out there and said he would love my playful illustration style to be part of the brand. 


Though I wanted to make sure I incorporated the playful style of my illustrations, I also wanted to look at the long history of coffee and its origins. I found an old textbook that looks at the Arabic history of coffee and dug deeper into the dress of the Arab people at the time. This is where I pulled the main character from. I also drew several other characters to use throughout the products as secondary imagery in order to not be repetitive. The font is a custom, hand written font, but takes a lot of elements from a font I noticed in the book I was referring to. For the colour schemere I wanted to stay away from the common colours that seem to get used over and over in coffee branding. The Good Grief colours were as complimentary (purple) colours to ground coffee and a contrasting yellow for illustrations and type.

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